What is a Women's Circle?

Women's Circle is a formal space to gather women with ritual, intention and tradition. Based out of the San Francisco Bay Area, we offer traditional Women's Healing Circles with varying topics including Self Love, Forgiveness, Family, Friendships, Transitions, Health & Wellness,  Moon Circles, and more. 

Women's Circles are a form of council. For thousands of years, across cultures from around the world, people have been sitting in council with the intent to heal and share wisdom. Through storytelling, we serve each other by being witnesses to each other, and by giving women the chance to be seen. For many of us, we find that listening is more profound than sharing, for what we have in common as women is far greater than what separates us.

Circles are simple in their form, and powerful in their outcome. Each circle is approximately three hours in length. Below are the main components to expect: 

Circle Shot.jpg

The Space and Altar

Based out of San Francisco Bay Area, we gather either in our "Goddess Tent" indoors, or in one of the many Bay Area's gorgeous regional parks. 

With each circle, there is a sacred altar filled with flowers, crystals, and nature elements. We invite each woman to bring an object for the altar, as a way to build community and add to our sacred space. 

Guided Meditation and Journal Prompts

Each session begins with a guided meditation. Traditionally, meditation was intended to be done in groups and is most effective this way. Whether you meditate daily or have never tried, you will be appreciated in this space. 

After the guided meditation, women are given a journal prompt based on the theme of the circle. This portion is done independently. 




Next, women are invited to share with the use of a talking piece. Sharing this way is different than a conversation. We only speak from the "I," refrain from cross talking, and only speak to our own experience. This holds the sacred space so that each woman has the freedom to explore their truth. 

We maintain boundaries of the circle with pride by promising each other confidentiality. This allows safety in speaking our truth.